Cine Film to DVD

As many of our previous clients have pleasantly discovered, just because your cine film may be aged, it does not mean that it cannot be professionally produced and presented to create a unique record of your family’s journey through the generations… something to be truly enjoyed by all family members.
As a production company, we know just what makes interesting, enjoyable programmes – after all we have been responsible for many varied professional productions – and our expertise is at hand for you…

What we do –

Our digital production services provide the perfect platform from which your presentation will be created. This will include precise editing for enhanced viewing, titling to record date and location details, and also musical soundtracks carefully selected to add ambience to visual content.

(When making price comparisons – please note that many of the aspects we offer as standard could be expensive add-ons with some of our competitors. Prices shown are inclusive – no hidden charges).


What our clients say…

Thanks for the conversion of our old cine film to DVD – we are all so delighted with it. You have done a marvellous editing job and your selection of background music was excellent. My daughter was quite misty-eyed to relive her childhood memories, and my sons’ could not wait to show their children what they got up to when they were small. You have made this family very happy.
Brian Hicks – Hove

Mum and Dad’s wedding in 1964 with grandparents and other family members there too – so unbelievably emotional! They had not seen this film for years, so you can imagine their response when I presented them with the DVD for their anniversary – highly delighted to say the least!
Janet Wilson – Lancing

Scale of charges:

Prices are calculated per standard reel (50ft – approx 4 mins).

£30.00 – for first standard size reel (minimum charge)

£15.00 – per standard size reel after